Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Time for some new poems

So here are some new poems the first is untitled 

It won't go away the pain of memories
Killing all the beauty my heart once held
Your face in everything, a voice haunting me

Fading the seams of reality
To blur the world from sight
Lost in a world cast in to shadow
That world that cast your out

I need this more than ever to be long with you
Please won’t you give in to me the world?
Stay forever there don't leave me behind

I’m afraid of dreaming,
Of that story repeating,
All the screaming in the night
Monsters from shadow

I'm bleeding, flesh all rendered by the horrors
Losing all the light in myself in hopeless solitude
Won’t you come back into me? Only you can save me

I belong with you now,
Can’t you please see that
Stay forever hand in hand
Please, don't leave me behind.

The next is:

Relationship Anaemic

 I’m wasting moments
Procrastinating the days away
I can’t make sense of it
I ruin my chances all the time
Self destructive over thought
Complicating all the simple
But that just the way I go
It’s all broken from the start
 With this pessimistic heart
I fell love for her
Before my head or heels knew
It doesn’t matter though
With mind in over load
I can break even the best thing.

Stay awake with me

stay awake with me
To see the sun rise

stay awake with me
for the stars in your eyes

Stay awake with me
Mist from your breath

Stay awake with me
Wait upon the cool grass

Stay awake with me
Hands held tight

Stay awake with me
Move a little closer

Stay awake with me
Let me look into your eyes

Stay awake with me
And kiss me

This is another one awaiting a title

If you were here with me
I'd whisper sweet nothings in your ear
To appeal to all your fears

If you were mine, only mine
I'd drive you so much further down
twisting your mind for all of time

You will never realize
That all this  darkness lies inside
Deep down inside my mind

If you are feeling down
I’ come along and chain you to down
to penetrate your mind.

If you were lost
I’d be there to take all your trust
to break all your lust for life, my love

Into the Psycho

Rain falls rattling the tin roof
The tattoo drowns the screams
Madness smashed into the wall

Lightning strikes thunder bellows
The crashes a furniture breaks
Tears streak the blood down faces

Ash and fire blacken the sky
Sanity thrown to the wolves
Screams and thousand voices

Scratching metal drowns the tears
Fear falling to rage in the walls
Killing them slowly from inside out

So please come in to the Psycho

And another 2 without titles

Happy ever after never came
As the sunlight fades away
Waiting in the haunting silence
So I take the eternal moment

Fading day draws in to end
 Blackness shrouds calmly
Faces lie in shadowed grey
loneliness beneath the stars

Happy ever after never came
So I close my eyes
Let the pain bleed away
As hope breath fade

So the moonlight comes
All my dreams now ghosts
My cold heart brakes
As love falters in time

Happy ever after never came
So here I stand waiting
In the cold darkness
I know I am on my own

No heroes come to save me
Fairy tales fall to darkness
No one left anymore
So my heart dies in silence

No, happy ever after never came.


We found another day with a chance
With suffering and pain we stand up
My restless soul, your loveless heart
We’ll tear the whole world down

With blackest minds the march
Surrounding all the iced dreams
So suffer on through their shame
We’ll tear the whole world down

Time and time again they come
Assaults on morality with no reason
Through the darkest nights
We’ll tear the whole world down

Eyed all hollowed of hope
Waiting for us to turn around
You lost in my arms
We’ll tear the whole world down

All their love is lost
The empty shells mindlessly
Against the darkest knight
We’ll tear the whole world down

Chilled fingers grasp at us
Pulling us apart in darkness
Through the shadows of hope
We’ll tear the whole world down

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

So you know!

With the Help of the Amazing CeeCee (who thinks I'm adorable when i am about to rage quit and destroy my laptop) I am trying to update and improve the look and effectiveness of this blog, maybe even its popularity to.

This is why I love her she puts up the the crazy <3

Update on Steam Punk ourfit

So as I mentioned earlier there maybe a post later on the the day and wow here is it... Shocking I know :D

I thought I;d share some of the the photos of the Steampunk outfit i have and the gun i painted. IT need more painting really to make it more acceptable but i like it atm.

So first off this is the gun just after I had finished painting, the picture quality is terrible! That what i get to using my phone and the living light being pretty useless. You can see my wonderful laptop and my amazing tool kit... that was sarcasm.

Next up is one of my favorite item from the outfit, a pocket watch, which i am tempted to wear out in general.

And finally some pictures of different coats, hat and position, there still some bits that need doing to it but i am fairly happy with the over all result so far.

Once again!

I know it been a while since i posted anything and I'm sorry.

I have been far too busy for my own good selling off stuff throwing stuff out and clearing out the overexercise amount of stuff I own.

but the flat is getting to a more bearable limit of junk to the point where i can pack stuff away! Hazzah!

So what have I been up to?

I start (and nearly finished) a Steampunk outfit, including guns, Still need to make holsters for gun and i'm waiting  on some goggles the need moding but asides from that nearly all done for The Asylum in September.

Some useful site for SP stuff are Steampunnews.co.uk and brassgoggles.co.uk/. The latter has a pretty good forum on it as well.

More updates to Follow i think

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Time for something new

I did a semi-commission piece recently, well someone asked me to write them a piece so i thought why the hell not, what do i have to loose. So here is the piece i checked it they were OK for me to use it.

Seasons for Love

Entwined in passion’s embrace
Beyond reason’s grasp
Beneath the ivory moon
Upon the cold of snow
I lie with you for eternity
Only ever wishing to stay
Though days pass by
And the seasons change
Our desires will always remain
Desperate longing only for your heart
And yearning for your tender lips
Though flowers bloom around us
As snows covers our flesh
Your warmth will keep us
Though I could search all the heavens
I will never find something like this again
Tough the cold is all around
Your sweetest kiss upon my lips
Does thaw my aching heart and frozen soul

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Where to begin

Yeah i know its been an age and a half since i posted some fiction up here, and STO: Fall Of Arturo isn't finished is just on a hiatus for a while as I write some things that a more inspiring to me now, which is Darkest Hearts, a series of dark fantasy stories set in a moderns setting where magic and science go hand in hand.

These stories are only short stories and art going to be posted in order that they occur just in order that i write them and will explore different styles and formats as i try learn more skills.

So here is the first one i hope you enjoy if you have  please please post them!


Martyr's Birth

There was the sound of scrapping iron as the heavy bolt was drawn back, then creaking as the heavy oak door drew open a fraction and the old man peered out. His eyes when wide at what he saw, that was all he could do as within a second most of his skull, brains, hair and blood were spraying behind him.

The man kicked the door open and stepped in firing more shots from the high powered Long Arm, exploding more bodies that had been milling around the cathedral atrium. The white and gold banners of the order of the Sacred Flame were drenched in blood and gore. The only sounds were those of foot steps, some belonged the paladins and guards, metal scrapping on stone and soft leather scuffs now rushing to the sounds the disturbance. The other was the sound heavy leather riding boots echoing through the lofty spaces.

They came face to face with a man stood in the doorway to the main area of the cathedral and behind him a vision of pure horror. The man was tall, six foot four and pale as ice, with deep purple eyes which seemed to glow from behind a fringe of black hair. He wore an old fashion dark green military uniform jacket with silver buttons, black leather cross belt, the trousers were leather reinforce and thigh high black leather boots. Held loosely across his body at waste height was what looked like a 1800s flintlock, though it had a magazine attached, it was about 48 inches long with a barrel that looked like it fired anti tank rounds. At his hip was a pistol of similar design, and a heave brutish looking sword with a brass hilt and hand guard which seemed to have a soft blue glow coming from where the hilt met the scabbard. He smiled and a single pair of fangs showed through, an aura of darkness surround him.

Though some of the less experienced guard froze up as this site, the paladins and the more experience guards charged forward to kill the intruder, they barely managed eight steps before the high powered Long Arm cut them down. The cathedral’s floor turned from solid stone floor to a slick blood coated mess. Whether they were frozen in terror, charging in righteous fury, the Long Arm turned them all in to equals.

Argustus stepped on the blood barely noticing the difference in grip his boots had, the wretches needed to die, to be made an example of and taught a lesson. He had been ordered to be their instructor in relaying a message. Attack the Darkest Hearts and suffer! He place the Long Arm on a pew and walked down the central isle, freeing the pistol from the holster and the heavy cavalry sword from its scabbard as he went, slaughtering the survivors who cowered hiding from him in the rows of pews.

He passed the alter leaving it alone he had no intention of wasting time destroying these fools pathetic faith, it meant nothing, changed nothing at all. He smashed another oak door aside, his senses and heightened agility enable him to duck under a massive blow from a heavily armoured paladins' Warhammer, using his pistol arm he pushed the man’s out stretched arms up and drove the sword tip into the exposed arm pit of the holy warrior. The blade plunged deep, tearing through the man’s neck, twisting the blade to stop the flesh from sucking onto the blade and pulling it out as the corpse fell. His undead heart barely beat as he shot the other two paladins exploding their chest in a fountain of gore, bone and armour shards.

The only thing between him and the last door he needed to get through was a boy who couldn't even lift the weapon he had been given. Argustus Dale leapt at the boy using his own blade to disarm the whelp and smashing the pistol’s grip into his head almost knocking him over, but before he could fall a pair of fangs tore into his throat. A gurgling gutter scream erupted from the boy’s lips and faded almost as fast as his life’s blood flowed down his neck as well as down Argustus’ throat. The boy’s eyes grew dull while Argustus’ flashed bright purple, he then bit down harder and smashed the pistol grip into the boys head again the force of the blow causing the throat to tear apart as his head came unattached and fell to the ground. He turned to from the body as it crumpled into a pile.

He stood before the final door barring his way, he paused and with a small white cloth wiped the blood from his face and pulled four vicious look barbed nails from the pouch on his cross belt. Tilting his head slightly he approached the door and opened it as if his previous actions had never happened calmly and relaxed entered the chamber. It was only lit by a few candles mounted on one wall. In the centre of the room was large desk, sat behind the desk was a woman in her late thirties, and just to the side a pale girl of maybe twenty years.

Argustus strode around the desk pushing the little girl back and grabbed the women by her forehead and threw her against the back wall, as she impacted the wall he threw the two smaller barbs which went through her palms stapling her to the wall. She screamed out in pain. Argustus glace at the girl, she had collapsed against the wall and was watching him, she didn’t move you almost couldn’t tell she was breathing.

“You know what this is about.” His voice was flat, any emotions he was feeling weren't being betrayed. Even his face was neutral.

The woman just groaned and breathed heavily. Argustus struck each barb driving them further in, bringing on another torrent of screams, in amongst these the word yes was barely audible.

“We had left you alone, we were happy not to get involved with you.” He was now angry, really angry, his blood burnt within him but is voice was still cool. “Yet you just weren’t content, you attacked the castle and killed fledglings, who were barely a week after their rebirth.”

“So this is revenge?” her voice thick with pain, hatred and a hint of mockery spat back.

Argustus tilted his head slightly, “No, this is justice. I want answers, you will provide them.” This statement was said almost with a smile.

“Only on a cold day in hell.” The voice replied.

“I know you had help getting in and where to strike. You will tell me who.”

“Fuck you, monster.”

Argustus smashed the two remaining barbs down through her shoulder joints, shattering the ball and socket joints, driving them all the way through piercing the woman shoulder blades. She cursed and spat oaths at him. He smiled thinly and clicked a button on the end of the barbs. Sharp spikes jutted out along their length as he began to twist them in, tearing muscles, shredding flesh and grinding bone into splinters. Amongst her screams and sobs he heard her submission, he leant forward as she revealed the traitor.

He ran his tongue over his fangs, a subconscious act when nervous or excited, he tore the barbs from her flesh and let her fall to the slick flag stones. Wiping the barbs with the cloth as he place them back in the pouch. With a snap of his fingers his Long Arm appeared in hand, he slung it over his right shoulder and headed for the door. Something grabbed his hands and tugged at him. The young woman was holding his left hand her eyes were blank as she stared at him. For the first time he appraised her as something other then a potential threat. She was pale, her face was covered in bruises and cuts, she was bone thin, the clothes were barely able to hang onto her.

The sound of footstep and gasps of horror came from the entrance to the cathedral, snapping him back to the situation. In a fluid motion of grace he unslung the Long Arm of his should and catching it in his free hand, aimed it out of the door, pulled the trigger three times to the sounds of scream and cries of pain echoing in great open space of the cathedral. Smiling he pulled the young women close and stepped into the darkest shadows where he could keep a line of site to a shadow near the cathedrals entrance.

A few seconds passed before a group paladins burst into the room surveyed the room, but saw only the Arch Priest on the ground by the back wall. Two of the paladins pulled her up to the desk and she slouched over it unable to hold herself up she dropped into the chair one of the paladin place for her.

“Your Eminence?” one of them said.

She whispered something, only that paladin and Argustus could here “It is time for a new Saint” the voice wasn’t one of revenge or pain it was in fact it wounded triumphant.

The Paladin hefted his Warhammer high above his head and slammed it down onto hers shattering the skull and covering the desk in a deluge of blood, brain matter and cerebral fluid. The other paladins gasped in shock and protested the action, but the lead paladin raised a hand to placate them all and said in a raised voice.

“All will kneel before the new Saint and Holy Martyr, Saint Saveen!” as he did so they looked at one another dubiously then they knelt and heads bowed.

“Today, we shall see the beginning of the end to the Darkest Hearts!”

Argustus smiled to himself, looked at the girl as she just stared in front of her. Shrugged, looked at the far shadow and pulled her through the one they were in and out of one by the entrance. They could have their crusade, Lady Tenma would be waiting for them, so would he, once he had given his report and dealt with the unfinished business of the traitor. He would happily deal with these fools. He released the girls hand and led the way out.

The girl followed, watching his every move with awe at her saviour and she thought, the gods maybe cruel, but devils were salvation.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Star Trek Online: Fall of Arturo Chapter 3

Please be aware that i do not own any of the rights to Star Trek, and all Credit for It creation and intellectual property belong to Gene Roddenberry

Chapter 3

Shenki had been following Commander Himaki around the colony for two hours, and despite her age, similar to her own she assumed. Himaki had a childlike wonder to her, intensely curious about the Federations culture and history. She had asked everyone a question, and asked Shenki to elaborate on some points, which she did willingly.

Her com badge beeps, tapping it “Shenki here.”

“Thysis here, Davis reports he is ready to beam down, with the inhibitors to be deployed around  the colony he has done a few extra to replace any potential damaged ones.”

“Understood, have him contact to Governor as to the best locations and for volunteers to help deploying them. Any word from Star base 82?”

“They have dispatched two transports as another colony transport.”

“Anything else?”

“A group of eight ships, mainly light and standard cruisers, an old Olympic class science ship and one Gryphon escort. Once they reach us they will fall under your command.”

“Who is in command presently?”

“Commander Dale, he is the most experienced of all the captains in the group.”


“He has been in command of the ship for 20 months.”

“Understood, how long till they arrive?”

“Eighteen hours, Ma’am.”

“Keep me apprised of the situation.”

“Understood, Lightning out.”

“So, Starfleet is able to send reinforcements that will make things a little easier.”

Shenki turned to face a stern faced Himaki, she looked sterner then before, like she did when she had first beamed down. She had some small carving in her hand, she tilted her head and the sternness disappeared.

“You look ok edge far too much Admiral Haman, with a society like this I am surprised to see such a look.” 

“Such a society needs a lot of protection, especially with so many forces threatening its peace.”

“Like the Klingon Empire?”

“The Romulans, The True Way, The Borg, Undine and the Breen. The Federation didn’t want war with the Klingon Empire, but we won’t back down.”

“The Empire sees its only way forward through war, this is not the view of everyone, but it is carried but the loudest voices. Those who disagree are either killed, or move to undesirable posts and positions.”

“Such as fighting the Borg?”

“Something like that, yes.”

“That officer when you transported down, was he…”

“He was sent to keep and eye on us; that was the reason for tough punishment, to show the Empires rules will be upheld.”

Shenki watched her move to beneath one the blue leafed trees and lean back against it.

“This is not what I was expecting when I saw your vessel.”

“That the Empire has so much in-fighting and political strife, that they would send spies to keep an eye on their officers or that they would send those they distrust to die in ‘glorious’ battle?”

“All of the above, we don’t get much information about the goings on within the Empire and we are at war on multiple fronts.”

“The Undine infiltration has made the empire more paranoid than ever before, they see shadows of treachery in everyone’s eyes, especially those who don’t agree with the war.” Himaki stood up right, “I should get back to my ship.” she strode out into the open. “Thank you for the conversation Admiral, I look forwards to the battles ahead of us.” She tapped the communication on her wrist and dematerialised.

Shenki stood, not certain what to make of it all, it sounded like the Klingons were working on marshal law within their ranks, and any descent would be punished. She asked for direction to where the ships had landed. It took her thirty minutes to walk out to where they were located. The three cargo ships were nothing to write home about, a command section at the front, with a main spine, with a single nacelle above with it. There are two large cargo pods which run the full length of the vessel, two hundred and fifty meters, attached to either side of the main spine, each was twenty five meters wide and ten high.

They weren’t the sight which interested Shenki the most, it was the vast Colony ship, the S.S. Without Doubt, resembling a Nebular class star ship, though smaller, a main hull with 2 nacelles on either side with a command deck above mounted on a short pylon from the main hull. Shenki guess she was four-hundred meters in length and about one hundred and fifty high. She wasn’t a new ship; there are signs on long use, scorch marks along the front of the hull and command section. That didn’t matter though, she was beautiful in her own way, Gendo had commanded a Nebular class ship when she had been brought aboard and she had been captivated by the class from the start.

“Not much to look at is she.” A rough look Bolian said as he came over covered in grease and soot.

“I think she is, How old is she, I’ve never seen this class before.”

“You won’t she is a mixture of parts, she was made during the Dominion war to evacuate colonist from the marquis bases, built out of whatever they could find, most parts were from a derelict Nebular. She has just enough armour and shield to go through re-entry to an atmosphere, but she’s fast” He wiped his hand on a cloth and held it out “Boras, I’m in charge of getting the ship ready for evacuation, and I’m her captain.”

“Admiral Shenki Haman, U.S.S. Lightning. So she has seen a lot during her life?”
“Too much some would say Admiral, but she still more reliable then these newer cargo ships. Is there something I can do for you?”

“I came here to ask if we can help out, were not a cruiser so it would be limited.”

“We should be fine Admiral, its mainly converting the storage shelves into cots to sleep in, reinforcing some bulk heads; we should be done ahead of time.”

“That’s good to know, if you should need help, we will be in orbit, I should let you get on with it.”

“Thanks for the offer I will let you know if we do.” He turned and walked back to the nearest ship.

Shenki tapped her com badge, “Haman to Lightning, one to transport.”

“Stand by.”


A second later she was in the familiar transporter room; she got off the pad and left the room returning her phaser pistol and tricorder to the transporter chief as she exited.

As she left the transporter room she almost collided with Lieutenant Davis carrying six transport inhibitors, which he almost dropped in the act of avoiding her.

“Sorry Ma’am, I didn’t see you there.”

“I wasn’t there till just now, are you ok Davis?”

“Yes, I’m just sending the last of the inhibitors down; I have five people working on them, together with some of the colonists.” He tried to shift them, but without much success.

“Here,” Shenki took three off of them and lead the way back into the transporter room. “You didn’t have to do this alone.”

“I had a team help me prepare them but I sent them down to get started setting them up.” He placed the three he had on one pad, “Thank you.” He added, as she placed hers on the one next to his.

“Something on you mind, you look nervous.”

“I am I guess this is the first task i have assigned since,” He paused looking more uncomfortable.

“Since the court martial.” Shenki finished for him.

            He nodded in response avoiding her eyes.

            “It’s the second, you were in charge while we were on the planet, and it was never a question of your ability Davis. Its about trust, you broke that trust, and the rules at the same time. I know why you did it, and I understand.” She reached out and put a hand on his shoulder, and he looked at her properly for the first time in three months. “That’s why you’re still in Starfleet and still my Chief of operations.”

            She smiled turned and walked back to the door, she turned her head slightly. “If our roles were reversed I would of done the same thing you did.” She the left and headed to the bridge.


            The doors opened to the brig and Himaki passed the two Klingon guards as she walked to the cell where Kartag was pacing.

            “I hope you are enjoying your new living quarter?”

            “Shut your mouth traitor!”

            “I am following my orders, how am I traitor?”

            “You’re actually helping them, and you have let two on them on this ship, that is prohibited.”

            “My orders are to stop the Borg and work with Federation vessels, if needed.”

            “Its not needed, we should have let that colony burn.”

“Do I need to teach you manners again?”

“You wouldn’t dare, if another Klingon saw you strike me they would cut you down!”

“Oh, Na’brel was there but she didn’t cut me down.”

“She is not true Klingon, she is just like you and those other filthy species who defile the Empire, I mean true Klingons you green whore!”

Himaki struck the panel and the energy field drop, she stepped in, Kartag stood to attack her, she grabbed him pulling him forward, greeting his face with her forehead, knocking him backwards, she then punched him in the gut as he doubled over she drove her elbow into the back of his neck before smashing a fist into the side of his head sending him crashing into the wall. Himaki grabbed him by the hair, pulling him to his knees.

“You’re family name counts for nothing away from the council.” She brought her knee up sharply smashing his face. “I’m far more a Klingon then you.” She repeated the action. “And I am no a whore.” She let go of his hair and kneed him in the head again before slamming him to the ground.

He lay there groaning, blood dripping from his face. “You will pay…” he manages before passing out.

“Get the surgeon here to look at this thing.” She spat at the guards as the left the cell reactivating the field.


She stormed down the corridors, mind racing, she was full of anger and she knew that was what he was after. She reached her cabin, standing outside was a tall older Klingon, his hair greying.

“La’gorn, not now.”

“It’s important.” A pained urgency played across his face.

“Very well.” She growled as she stepped into her cabin, she marched to her desk and dropped into the chair.

“I heard about the events on the surface, you should avoid those actions, he has a vipers tongue and his words reach many Klingons….”

“I just taught him another lesson; the surgeon should be there soon.”

“His house has support, he could challenge your command and you have precious few allies.”

She slumped back into the chair; she let her rage seep through her skin. “I know, but we were sent here to die, For a Klingon death in battle maybe a great honour, but for me it feels hollow.”

“It does to me and a few others as well, that’s why we are here and not any other assignment. You’re a good officer, just watch your step, you’re out numbered remember that.”

The old Klingon got up and left, Himaki sat staring at the door half unaware of time passing, and then tapped the panel on the desk.

“Show me all information on Admiral Shenki Haman.”


Shenki was massaging her temple when the door to her ready room chimed.


Thysis marched through the door and up to the desk holding two data pads, she handed the first one to Shenki.

“The mines are ready and the Ko’Vash is moving to deploy them, Seven and T’Shemap have remained on board until it’s complete. The commander of the Ko’Vash says it will take seven hours.”

“Six hours before the fleet arrives.”

“Yes.” Thysis was hesitating, and a concerned frown creasing her forehead.

“Is there something else?”

“It’s about Davis, I asked the team he selected to give me a report on him…”

Shenki lent back in her chair, “why?”

“He’s a criminal, who stole a federation star ship from space dock for a joy ride around the quadrant, a fact you seem to ignore”

“He didn’t just steal a star ship, he stole mine,” Shenki retorted. “And it wasn’t for a joy ride is was to save his sister from the Breen, are you saying you wouldn’t do the same?”

“I would have requested permission and if it was refused I would have accepted the decision with it.”

“I’d have done the same thing as Davis, though I would have made sure the commanding officer wasn’t still on board.”

“This is serious, it’s not some joke.”

“So what did the report say?” Shenki enquired tapping the desk impatiently.

“That while sorting their assignments, and calibrating the inhibitors he was nervous and jittery, double checking everything.” She paused before continuing, “Once on the surface, he appeared far more confident on his actions, and of the actions of the team.”

“That doesn’t sound bad at all to me, sounds normal for taking your first assignment”

“He has been in Starfleet for six years; he shouldn’t be like that at all.”

“So your confidence wouldn’t be shot if you had been court marshalled and demoted by two ranks?”

“We aren’t talking about me.”

“My decision stands, he was a good officer and still is, and we need every one of those we can get, I see no sense in losing one over a simple error in judgement.”

“Stealing a star ship is nor and error in judgement it’s a crime!”

“No but following you heart and not your head is. The ship came back in one piece, his sister was saved and the Breen were none the wiser. Admiral Quinn was content with the outcome as am I, which should be good enough.”

“I understand.” Thysis turn and walked towards the door.

“I know you have the ship and crews best interests in mind, that’s why you are my first officer, but you need to trust me as much as I trust you.”

“I will try to.”

With that Thysis left and Shenki returned to massaging her throbbing temples, after a few seconds she decided that was enough and it was time to take a break. She tapped a sequence in which paused the information stream, saving her placed she stood up and removed her tunic leaving it on the back of her chair, she stroked out the creasing in the black material, another part of Starfleet was with so many new ships, crews and captains, older style uniforms have been brought back along with the new standard ones. Her formal uniform, which she had been wearing since transporting to the colony, resembled the ones from the mid-2280s but the main body was black with white trimming at the seams, her undershirt was a maroon turtle neck and the inside of the tunic was the same colour as was the shoulder clasp.

The rest of the formal uniform was a black skirl with white trim along the bottom, thigh high boot with white trimming at the top. And a maroon belt with a short knife to one side. The maroon was interchangeable with a deep blue or amber depending on department across the uniform. It was stuffy and rigid but it was smart and suited the occasions.

Her main uniform was nothing short of perverted in her opinion, she was certain it was a joke when it was issued to her. A very short cropped to with long sleeves that barely covered anything. The skirt wasn’t much better, it was far too short, the boots where the same as the formal uniform. She assumed the designer had spent too much time around Orion slave girls they wore notoriously revealing items of clothing.

That thought lead on to Command Himaki, not in her Klingon armour but in such an outfit, she shook her head dissipating the thought.  Her mind flowed over Thysis and her inability to allow breathing room with in rules, she was far worse then anyone she had ever met for that, she was sure Davis would prove himself.

Shenki left her ready room and entered her adjoining quarters and tapped the panel next to the door locking it, and walked to the replicator, tapped a command to start music playing.

“Tea, Earl Grey.”

The drink materialised in a delicate cup and saucer, they weren’t small but the china was thin and stylised, she took and long sip before heading to the bath room, placing them on the side she pulled the turtleneck up over her head and turned the shower on. She picked up the cup and stood sipping it, idly gazing into the mirror as it steamed up. Shenki had to admit that Himaki had been right, she did look on edge, her eyes were greying and she looked exhausted. She put the cup down and pulled her hair free before removing her remaining clothes and stepping into the hot shower.

Her head bowed allowing her hair to be swept forward over her face by the water, the heat eroding the tension from her neck, shoulders and back. Tilting her head back with her eyes closed allowing the water to assault her face, Child hood memories of her home before the Borg came, of rain storms cooling the hot days, the raid was the last link to her home, and on a star ship the closest you got to the rain was a shower. She leant back against the glass and slide to the ground resting her head on her knees.

She had sat there a long time dwelling on what it felt like in the ancient past, it had only been twenty-one years since she had been saved, but it felt like the memory was another life time. She pulled herself up and tapped the panel and the water slowed and then stopped, she stepped out of the shower, picking up a towel and began drying herself off. She pulled some robes on and walked to the bed, she didn’t bother drying her hair, and she just collapsed onto the bed and closed her eyes.

Her mind said one last thing to her before sleep embraced her. “Am I ready to be an Admiral?”

Himaki was leading the way to her quarters, followed by Xoulak and the two Starfleet officers, Seven of Seven and T’Shemap, they all entered and she tapped the control panel locking the door.

“What’s going on?” The Vulcan asked looking from the lock to Himaki.

“We need to talk without the rest of the crew hearing.”

“What about?”

Himaki picked up a small data pad and passed it to T’Shemap. “When you leave take this with you.”

The Vulcan studies the data before looking up. “These are you shield modulation setting and defence setting.”

            “There will probably come a time when you will need that information, but I hope you won’t.”

            “What do you mean?”

            “We are expecting an attempt to change the command of the ship, when that happens your vessel will be in danger.” Xoulak explained.

            “Your Admiral will explain, once you return and give her that.” Himaki smiled.

            The two Federation officers looked confused, looking at both her and Xoulak for more information but when none came, T’Shemap slide the pad into a pouch on her belt.

            “We should be done with the minefield in a few hours more, once complete we will return you to our ship.”

            “Thank you commander, if that’s all we should get back to it.”

            Xoulak nodded and led then out.

            “Commander Seven, I would like a word with you.” 

Himaki took a step forward and the liberated Borg looked at her, face showing no alarm or concern at the request, she turned and nodded to T’Shemap to continue.

“Can I help you with something?”

“You are Admiral Haman’s friend correct?”

“We serve together, if that what you mean?”

“I mean as a companion you have served together, went through the academy together and even before that you knew one another.”

“How do you know so much? Where is this going?”

“Klingon Intelligence has a file on the Admiral I found this information while researching her. If you’re her friend I want you to give her something, I don’t believe I will have the opportunity to myself.”

Himaki held out a small crystal, the former Drone reached out and gentle picked it up, and surveyed it briefly.

“A Holo crystal? What is on it?” Seven enquired as she slipped the crystal into a pocket inside her tunic.

“She will tell you once she has seen it, I’m sure.” Himaki smiled. “We should get going before we are missed.” And she led the way from her quarters.