Monday, 19 May 2014

A new Dead Space 3 Video

So its been about a week, give or take, and here is another Dead Space three Video:

There are also some other Videos that have gone up. There will soon be some footage of mine and Chosenmans Rome 2 Campaign

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Something unexpected!

Yes I'm back and there will be more update stuff coming soon, mostly more poems maybe some written works too not sure but first a big update!


Yup I have started not one but 2 Tou tube Channels, the first is one for the 95th Regiment of Foot (Rifles) with regard to our Mount & Blade: Warband Napoleonic Wars. Our thread is here:

The Youtube channel can be found here:

This channel will feature our Event from just line battles, 1 v 1s and also the NWL.

Of which here is our first battle:

We also have our first lets Play, which is myself and Rainbow Dash playing Dead Space 3

Next will be my personal Youtube channel this is going to contain my own lets plays and other geeky stuff too :)

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Time for some new poems

So here are some new poems the first is untitled 

It won't go away the pain of memories
Killing all the beauty my heart once held
Your face in everything, a voice haunting me

Fading the seams of reality
To blur the world from sight
Lost in a world cast in to shadow
That world that cast your out

I need this more than ever to be long with you
Please won’t you give in to me the world?
Stay forever there don't leave me behind

I’m afraid of dreaming,
Of that story repeating,
All the screaming in the night
Monsters from shadow

I'm bleeding, flesh all rendered by the horrors
Losing all the light in myself in hopeless solitude
Won’t you come back into me? Only you can save me

I belong with you now,
Can’t you please see that
Stay forever hand in hand
Please, don't leave me behind.

The next is:

Relationship Anaemic

 I’m wasting moments
Procrastinating the days away
I can’t make sense of it
I ruin my chances all the time
Self destructive over thought
Complicating all the simple
But that just the way I go
It’s all broken from the start
 With this pessimistic heart
I fell love for her
Before my head or heels knew
It doesn’t matter though
With mind in over load
I can break even the best thing.

Stay awake with me

stay awake with me
To see the sun rise

stay awake with me
for the stars in your eyes

Stay awake with me
Mist from your breath

Stay awake with me
Wait upon the cool grass

Stay awake with me
Hands held tight

Stay awake with me
Move a little closer

Stay awake with me
Let me look into your eyes

Stay awake with me
And kiss me

This is another one awaiting a title

If you were here with me
I'd whisper sweet nothings in your ear
To appeal to all your fears

If you were mine, only mine
I'd drive you so much further down
twisting your mind for all of time

You will never realize
That all this  darkness lies inside
Deep down inside my mind

If you are feeling down
I’ come along and chain you to down
to penetrate your mind.

If you were lost
I’d be there to take all your trust
to break all your lust for life, my love

Into the Psycho

Rain falls rattling the tin roof
The tattoo drowns the screams
Madness smashed into the wall

Lightning strikes thunder bellows
The crashes a furniture breaks
Tears streak the blood down faces

Ash and fire blacken the sky
Sanity thrown to the wolves
Screams and thousand voices

Scratching metal drowns the tears
Fear falling to rage in the walls
Killing them slowly from inside out

So please come in to the Psycho

And another 2 without titles

Happy ever after never came
As the sunlight fades away
Waiting in the haunting silence
So I take the eternal moment

Fading day draws in to end
 Blackness shrouds calmly
Faces lie in shadowed grey
loneliness beneath the stars

Happy ever after never came
So I close my eyes
Let the pain bleed away
As hope breath fade

So the moonlight comes
All my dreams now ghosts
My cold heart brakes
As love falters in time

Happy ever after never came
So here I stand waiting
In the cold darkness
I know I am on my own

No heroes come to save me
Fairy tales fall to darkness
No one left anymore
So my heart dies in silence

No, happy ever after never came.


We found another day with a chance
With suffering and pain we stand up
My restless soul, your loveless heart
We’ll tear the whole world down

With blackest minds the march
Surrounding all the iced dreams
So suffer on through their shame
We’ll tear the whole world down

Time and time again they come
Assaults on morality with no reason
Through the darkest nights
We’ll tear the whole world down

Eyed all hollowed of hope
Waiting for us to turn around
You lost in my arms
We’ll tear the whole world down

All their love is lost
The empty shells mindlessly
Against the darkest knight
We’ll tear the whole world down

Chilled fingers grasp at us
Pulling us apart in darkness
Through the shadows of hope
We’ll tear the whole world down

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

So you know!

With the Help of the Amazing CeeCee (who thinks I'm adorable when i am about to rage quit and destroy my laptop) I am trying to update and improve the look and effectiveness of this blog, maybe even its popularity to.

This is why I love her she puts up the the crazy <3

Update on Steam Punk ourfit

So as I mentioned earlier there maybe a post later on the the day and wow here is it... Shocking I know :D

I thought I;d share some of the the photos of the Steampunk outfit i have and the gun i painted. IT need more painting really to make it more acceptable but i like it atm.

So first off this is the gun just after I had finished painting, the picture quality is terrible! That what i get to using my phone and the living light being pretty useless. You can see my wonderful laptop and my amazing tool kit... that was sarcasm.

Next up is one of my favorite item from the outfit, a pocket watch, which i am tempted to wear out in general.

And finally some pictures of different coats, hat and position, there still some bits that need doing to it but i am fairly happy with the over all result so far.

Once again!

I know it been a while since i posted anything and I'm sorry.

I have been far too busy for my own good selling off stuff throwing stuff out and clearing out the overexercise amount of stuff I own.

but the flat is getting to a more bearable limit of junk to the point where i can pack stuff away! Hazzah!

So what have I been up to?

I start (and nearly finished) a Steampunk outfit, including guns, Still need to make holsters for gun and i'm waiting  on some goggles the need moding but asides from that nearly all done for The Asylum in September.

Some useful site for SP stuff are and The latter has a pretty good forum on it as well.

More updates to Follow i think

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Time for something new

I did a semi-commission piece recently, well someone asked me to write them a piece so i thought why the hell not, what do i have to loose. So here is the piece i checked it they were OK for me to use it.

Seasons for Love

Entwined in passion’s embrace
Beyond reason’s grasp
Beneath the ivory moon
Upon the cold of snow
I lie with you for eternity
Only ever wishing to stay
Though days pass by
And the seasons change
Our desires will always remain
Desperate longing only for your heart
And yearning for your tender lips
Though flowers bloom around us
As snows covers our flesh
Your warmth will keep us
Though I could search all the heavens
I will never find something like this again
Tough the cold is all around
Your sweetest kiss upon my lips
Does thaw my aching heart and frozen soul